Şeyma Alca talks about her experience at Intenseye

-Feb 21, 2022

Interview Highlights

How did your Journey to Zero start in the first place?

I was on the journey to zero with intenseye before intenseye was even born. Our CEO, Sercan, was my classmate in the university, and our co-founder and CTO, Serhat, was my colleague at my first company. Because of our common history, I witnessed their passion to create innovative solutions; additionally, I was able to truly appreciate their success and enthusiasm.

Given that effective teamwork is an indispensable part of a successful business, how do you feel about your teammates and the founders of intenseye, Sercan, and Serhat?

Once intenseye officially became a company, it was my history with Sercan and Serhat, the team they built, and the product they created that prompted me to join intenseye. The team here is so skilled, collaborative, and in favor of open communication, which makes it easy to work together.

How often are you provided with an opportunity to assume responsibility?

There is always an opportunity to take ownership of projects or processes, even from day one. During my first month in intenseye, we were launching a new dashboard. Before the dashboard went live, I was given the opportunity to brainstorm, iterate, and provide feedback on the changes being made. I was doing what I was hired to do and making an immediate impact on the product.

How do you feel about the outcome of your work, your Journey to Zero?

Another important factor that I took into consideration when I joined intenseye was the product. The team is always chasing the latest and most powerful technologies which ultimately create the best solutions for our customers. We are saving lives with the technology we built and that is priceless. I'm so excited to be part of the team for all of the upcoming milestones at intenseye.

Şeyma Alca Dicle

Product Owner at Intenseye

Science and Technology • Education • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief • Animal Welfare • Arts and Culture • Health • Social Services • Environment • Children • Human Rights

Deniz Şenliler

Content Marketing Manager at intenseye

Has a B.A. degree in Sociology from Boğaziçi University, currently studies “UX Writing Fundamentals” @ UX Content Collective.

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