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Intenseye was designed to help global organizations tackle the biggest workplace health and safety problems. With deployment in over 25 countries, our software has captured over 15 million unsafe acts and conditions. Our customers have used these millions of data points to foster safer work environments.

Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread company. Headquartered in the UK, they have a workforce of 17,000 in 50 countries, across six continents around the world.

Coats North America

14120 Ballantyne Corporate Place

Suite 300 Charlotte NC 28277 USA


Onboarding Process

As the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of sewing thread and supplies, Coats is paying the highest priority to its employees’ health and safety by adopting the latest technologies in the industry. With the focus on digital transformation, Coats has a large team working globally to rapidly implement the cutting edge technologies into its on-premises by working with industry-leading technology companies.


Globally distributed 20+ facilities to be deployed
No standard in CCTV network infrastructures of the facilities
Wide variety of CCTV devices to be integrated
Low network bandwidth in most facilities
Lack of dedicated IT professionals in remote on-premises
Strict deadlines to make the system ready for use of EHS teams


A technical project team is built consisting of
1 Global IT Project Manager – Coats
2 Network Architects – Coats
1 Integrations Manager – Intenseye
The technical project team was responsible for
Planning the requirements and action items
Prioritizing the sites according to their readiness on the pre-requirements
Organizing the integration calls and training the sites
Integrating the cameras with the collaboration of the site teams
In less than 8 weeks, the project team was able to;
Standardize the CCTV network infrastructure in all sites
Increase the bandwidth of needful sites
Renew the CCTV systems of the sites that have no compatible device
Deploy and integrate 20+ facilities


“At the beginning of the project, we had no active maintenance on the CCTV networks of our on-premises since they are robust systems and were up and running for long periods of time within their isolated VLANs. We did not even have the idea of the CCTV footage can be streamed out simply by using the existing device features. However, with the help of Intenseye we turn our CCTV systems into the extra eyes and assistants of our EHS professionals within a very short period of time. With this project, we are able to use our already existing CCTV equipment not only for physical security surveillance but also to improve our EHS culture and provide safer, risk-free environments to our employees even without any hardware investment. This was the fastest global deployment in our digital transformation journey ever and with the well-established procedures, it only takes hours to integrate our devices into Intenseye and make the system ready for the EHS teams’ use.”


Muhtar Kent

Muhtar Kent

Former Chairman and CEO, Cola Cola Company

Intenseye’s accomplishments are impressive particularly in revolutionizing workplace safety. Their commitment to disrupting traditional approaches and their holistic safety management approach has the potential to save lives and redefine global safety standards.

Vasilii Gusko

Vasilii Gusko

Director, Supply Chain Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong

Prioritizing employee safety, Swire Coca-Cola HK (SCCHK) is the first bottler within the Coca-Cola system to implement Intenseye technology. This early adoption has notably improved our safety practices within the first six months of implementation. Intenseye’s AI-powered technology has helped us see the unseen hazards, improved compliance, and helped enhance our safety culture. We intend to extend Intenseye technology to more facilities and further develop the project.

Akihiko Saso

Akihiko Saso

Executive Officer Senior General Manager, Takasago Plant Suntory Products Limited

We are utilizing Intenseye to take our safety measures at production sites to the next level. We were impressed by Intenseye’s ability to identify a wide range of worker behaviors. We also highly value its user-friendly dashboard where we configure and check our particular safety risks. Intenseye team’s collaborative support for putting new detection models in place is also notable. This is something that was proved very difficult for us to do manually. It has been a game changer for us, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

President, Business Operations, Coats

Health and Safety is our number one priority at Coats. It’s been great to partner with Intenseye who shares this priority and who worked with us collaboratively to roll out this innovative technology globally to help us enhance the safety of our employees. Intenseye has been excellent at addressing our needs and finding solutions together as well as listening to our feedback for future developments.

Deniz Karakaş

Deniz Karakaş

General Manager, TISK MCV

As TİSK & TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation, we’re proud to cooperate with Intenseye to enhance the culture of occupational health and safety in hundreds of facilities from different industries across Turkey. We value their cutting-edge technology, reliability, and easy-to-use platform during our journey to zero incidents. Together, we aim to create a nationwide awareness of workplace health and safety.

Faruk Sarıbuğa

Faruk Sarıbuğa

EHS Supervisor, Arçelik Group

When we initiated the project with Intenseye, we immediately realized its value in identifying hazards and monitoring compliance at various levels. We then integrated Intenseye technology into our manufacturing processes, allowing automatic shutdowns during unsafe acts or unauthorized entries. This significantly enhanced our on-site health and safety management, earning recognition from the Arçelik management and employees. We view Intenseye as an invaluable partner for safety.




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