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Core AI: Pinpoint 50+ workplace safety risks with computer vision AI

The Intenseye Core AI module equips EHS teams to proactively mitigate workplace incidents by providing real-time visibility into unsafe acts, hazardous conditions, and other leading safety indicators.
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Core AI Overview
Connected cameras within facilities from Intenseye's safety management software
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Key Principles of CORe AI
Our platform is rooted in our mission, values, and commitment to the EHS community.
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We embrace the principles of privacy by design and default.
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Data security
Your data is securely protected with Intenseye.
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Enterprise readiness
A complete safety management software built to scale.
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Empowering customers with top-tier partners.
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Customer journey
Your pathway with Intenseye.
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Core AI detects 50+ leading safety indicators

Area Controls
Vehicle Controls
Behavioral Safety

See Core AI in action within The Intenseye Platform

Core AI
EHS Suite
Industrial Integrations
Images processed daily make our AI’s precision unmatched
Unsafe acts & conditions were detected by Intenseye in 2023
Workers are safer because their EHS heroes trust our AI
On 6 continents have facilities protected by Intenseye

The Intenseye Platform at-a-glance

Core AI
As one of our two computer vision models, Intenseye Core AI is purpose-built to detect 50+ categories of unsafe acts and conditions in real-time while preserving worker privacy.
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Ergo AI
Intenseye’s ergonomics software is a computer vision model that uses RULA & REBA assessment to evaluate body mechanics for behaviors, positions, and other risks for ergonomic injuries.
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EHS Reporting & Workflow Suite
Recognizing that changing the manual, error-prone status quo of EHS management requires enabling safety teams to not only identify hazards but also drive meaningful change to mitigate them, our platform includes a broad range of reporting capabilities, task management support, and compliance checklists, among other tools designed to optimize your safety management journey.
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Smart Device Integrations
Our platform's seamless integration with smart plugs, network speakers, and other smart devices enables audio and/or visual alerts to be triggered by health & safety violations. This functionality helps keep workers safe by warning them of hazards in real-time.
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Infrastructure Integrations
By integrating with industrial sensors and other operational technology (OT) equipment, our platform is able to not only detect hazards – but it can also drive actions that help proactively mitigate those associated with physical processes.
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