Optimizing safety management from the plant floor to the boardroom

May 30, 2024
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Enterprise-readiness has always underpinned the Intenseye platform, and it’s easy to see why: nearly all of our hundreds of customers are global enterprises. Most employ upwards of tens of thousands of people at dozens of vast facilities on multiple continents; this also means most face distinct operational, regulatory, and market conditions that complicate what it takes to ensure workers’ health and safety. Our commitment to empowering EHS and operations leaders to proactively mitigate hazards and minimize incidents, despite challenging conditions, has driven the latest enhancements to our AI-powered workplace safety platform. These enhancements now include a mobile app and integrated compatibility with various messaging and business intelligence tools.

Intenseye Product Marketing Manager Kübra Demircan recently spoke with Technical Solutions Product Manager Denizcan Arslan and Product Manager Ayla Erhan about these enterprise-ready new additions, the challenges they solve, and the added value they deliver to our customers.

Intenseye's new mobile application

Kübra: Could you share some key highlights of the Intenseye mobile app and how customers can expect to benefit from it?

Ayla: The Intenseye app extends our platform’s AI-driven capabilities to mobile devices, thereby boosting operational efficiency and safety responsiveness for our customers – particularly those who spend considerable time on the plant, warehouse, or factory floor. Users are able to receive real-time notifications and manage safety operations directly from their mobile devices, helping them to take more-immediate action against detected hazards, conduct inspections on-the-go, and further optimize their safety operations from the floor, their offices, or really anywhere.

It’s also important to emphasize that our app isn’t just about convenience – real-time access to EHS data truly makes a difference in safety outcomes. In fact, recent research from EY indicates that only about half of enterprises with dedicated EHS technology are effectively integrating real-time data across their operations. Unfortunately, this means that for the other half, an absence of immediate data access and response capabilities is hindering their safety operations, especially in dynamic and remote work environments. A big part of why I’m honored and excited to be supporting Intenseye’s mobile app is that it’s helping to solve this problem.

On-the-go safety management

Integration capabilities

Kübra: What are Intenseye’s new integration capabilities, and how can they enhance occupational safety?

Denizcan: At Intenseye, we recognize that many organizations in today's fast-paced work environments struggle with disjointed safety systems that often delay responses to hazardous situations and complicate safety compliance. To combat these challenges, our new integration capabilities ensure seamless data flow across platforms and streamline safety operations. By integrating with major EHS platforms, BI tools, and communication apps, we not only accelerate response times during critical incidents, but also simplify compliance management. Think of it as having a superhero team of safety tools working in perfect harmony to protect the frontline.

Data transformer

Kübra: Could you elaborate on our new Data Transformer and how it helps streamline EHS data management across different platforms?

Denizcan: Organizations face significant challenges in managing safety data due to its fragmentation across various EHS platforms. This fragmentation leads to inefficiencies, increased error rates in data entry, and difficulties in achieving comprehensive compliance and risk management. Intenseye's Data Transformer addresses these challenges by providing seamless integration with major EHS platforms. With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, it automates the consolidation of data across platforms, minimizing manual entry and reducing the potential for errors. This integration results in a centralized data management system that enhances the accuracy and timeliness of safety reporting and analytics. With all EHS data unified on one platform, organizations can make more informed decisions, streamline compliance processes, and ultimately improve workplace safety outcomes.

BI platform integrations

Kübra: How do Intenseye’s integrations with business intelligence (BI) platforms like PowerBI and Tableau transform the way safety data is visualized and utilized?

Denizcan: We designed our BI integrations with the needs of corporate-level EHS and operations managers, directors, and executives in mind. Our customers have helped us realize that especially for leaders in those sorts of roles, BI tools like Power BI or Tableau are often already being used to manage, visualize, and make decisions based on data from across enterprise functions – including health and safety. By enabling the real-time EHS data captured by Intenseye’s AI to be seamlessly ingested by these BI tools, our new integrations enable our customers to create custom dashboards and other visualizations and reports tailored to their leaders’ needs, ultimately further empowering them to view – and act upon – both tactical  and strategic insights into their global safety posture. This enhanced visibility allows for more effective, efficient decision-making and a comprehensive understanding of safety performance across the organization. Sometimes the insights we need are right in front of us, but it takes the right tools to highlight and reveal them.

Messaging apps

Kübra: What benefits do integrations with messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, as well as our mobile app, offer to our users in emergency scenarios?

Denizcan: Integrations with messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams are crucial for improving incident response times. Effective communication in emergency situations is not just about convenience; it's a critical safety measure. Studies, such as one highlighted by Sparrow Connected, have shown that around 36% of employees have been placed in unsafe situations due to poor communication. This statistic underscores the significant impact that enhanced communication tools can have on safety outcomes. By ensuring that alerts and updates reach the right people without delay, our integrations help mitigate these risks, supporting a safer and more compliant workplace environment.

Intenseye's new mobile application

Ayla: Regarding our mobile app, it offers similar benefits in terms of real-time notification and ease of communication – all of which, as Denizcan noted, are essential during emergencies. And because the app also enables our platform and all the data it provides on leading (and even lagging) safety indicators to be accessible and actionable from anywhere, its functionality can be highly impactful to on-the-go users responding to incidents and other time-sensitive situations within facilities.

The future of safety management

Kübra: How does Intenseye plan to collect user feedback on these new enhancements, and how will this influence future updates?

Denizcan: At Intenseye, user feedback is paramount to our continuous improvement. I can genuinely affirm that every feature we offer today has been elaborately crafted based on the invaluable feedback we received from our early adopters. We have conducted numerous site visits to provide hands-on support and gather feedback from our customers. Think of these visits as listening tours, where we closely observe and understand the real-world impact of our integrations. Additionally, our customer success team regularly communicates with power users to collect continuous feedback. This direct and ongoing interaction helps us understand the real-world impact of our integrations and guides our future development to better meet user needs.

Ayla: Denizcan’s points about the critical role of user feedback for our integrations also perfectly encapsulate our approach to the roadmap for our mobile application. User friendliness is at the core of our mobile strategy. Through both in-person and online user interviews, we actively refine and tailor the mobile experience to meet the specific needs of our users. Specifically, considering our global user base, we are keenly focused on integrating location-based feedback. This allows us to fine-tune the app’s performance and accessibility to suit regional variations and ensure that the app delivers a seamless experience worldwide.

Kübra: Can you describe the next steps for enhancing Intenseye’s ecosystem through both integration capabilities and mobile app developments? And how do these advancements work together to improve our on-the-go safety management solutions?

Denizcan: As we move forward, we are committed to expanding the Intenseye ecosystem to provide a more integrated and comprehensive experience across all platforms. For integrations, we are focusing on incorporating additional EHS platforms and advanced analytics tools to deepen user insights and enhance control over safety data. These enhancements are designed to streamline processes and improve the efficacy of safety management on a broad scale.

Ayla: Simultaneously, our mobile development team is working to ensure that our mobile app becomes an even more integral part of this ecosystem. We are developing new features that enrich the app’s functionality, particularly for on-the-go use. This includes integrating more comprehensive tools that facilitate real-time data access and decision-making directly from mobile devices. By doing so, we are not just adding features; we are creating a seamless mobile experience that complements and enhances the value of our integrations, making safety management more accessible and effective, wherever our users are.

Together, these efforts signify a major step towards a unified Intenseye platform where integration capabilities and mobile enhancements support each other, ensuring that safety isn’t just an isolated task but a continuous, interconnected process.

Existing customers can download the Intenseye mobile application from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

If you'd like to learn more about these latest enhancements and how Intenseye’s AI-powered platform can transform safety management for your organization, please schedule a demo.