AI-Powered Workplace Safety

Prevent workplace incidents with Intenseye AI-powered EHS platform. Automate your inspections, get instant notifications, and stop the violations.

Save lives, time and money

We save our customers millions of dollars in lost productivity, insurance premiums, compliance fines, and direct injury costs.


Transform your way of working with AI, see the unseen in real-time and prevent incidents before happening.


Get instant notification about your workplace safety violations. Detect and intervene instantly.


Assign tasks, assessments and collaborate with your teammates all the time. Manage your compliance seamlessly.


Reduce the risk of incident immensely. Stop violations and prevent accidents before happening.

Start within minutes

No hardware, no sensor, no installation.


Intenseye is compatible with 90% of the IP cameras. Connect your existing cameras in the facility and start right away!

Drag and Drop

Use our drag and drop web application to set up your safety checks. Draw areas, select PPE with colors and many more!

Get Result

Set up email, SMS or API notifications to get results. Be aware of the violations all the time and prevent them.

Accidents can be prevented!

Intenseye can analyze and prevent most common accident cases across industries.

Slips, trips, and falls

Analyze anomalies on the floor, check banister usage on the stairs, maximum-minimum number of people in a certain height and many more in real-time!

Repetitive and muscle strain injuries

Set up your ergonomic restrictions with Intenseye. Analyze worker body posture to prevent repetitive false movements.

Falling Objects

Enforce personal protective equipment in danger zones. Get notified if an unusual activity detected in the zone.

Crashes and Collision

Track vehicles, workers and objects to know what will happen in your environment. Setup perimeters for each subject and get instant notification in case of violation.

Transform your EHS

Enable the power of the real-time AI video recognition, without any hardware, sensor or installation.

Actionable Results

Intenseye can catch over 1500 violations from a single camera within a month with up to 98% customer-validated accuracy.

1560violation per camera

98%customer-validated accuracy

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