AI-powered workplace safety

By seamlessly integrating with existing cameras in facilities, Intenseye empowers safety teams with real-time insights and transforms safety management by replacing lagging indicators with leading indicators, enabling early identification of potential hazards.

Intenseye is among the Technology Pioneers of 2023!

Every year, the World Economic Forum recognizes a limited number of companies that are driving new technologies and innovation, and are poised to have a significant impact on business and society. We are proud to share that Intenseye has been selected as a Technology Pioneer this year!

Value Proposition

In an world where 340 million workplace accidents lead to 2.3 million fatalities annually, Intenseye emerges as a revolutionary solution, empowering safety teams globally to enhance safety by real-time risk identification and mitigation, protecting over 100,000 workers across 25 countries.

Robust scalability & reliability

With the capability to analyze 22 billion images daily, Intenseye’s AI offers unparalleled scalability and reliability to match organizational needs in any industry.

Data-driven actionable insights

Empowered by extensive data-driven insights from Intenseye, safety teams can execute interventions are not generic but tailored to specific safety needs.

Focus on leading indicators

Promoting a safety culture requires EHS leaders to track leading indicators of incidents and near-misses. Intenseye’s 24/7 analytics provide quantitative insights to enhance safety.

Enhanced ROI

Workplace incidents contribute to approximately $250B in direct and indirect losses annually. With Intenseye, safety leaders can achieve significant savings, optimize operational efficiencies, and improve response times to safety risks.

Protecting frontline’s privacy with responsible AI

Intenseye’s cutting-edge 3D anonymization technique ensures irreversible anonymization of employees while identifying unsafe acts and conditions, never collecting any personal data and prioritizing individual privacy.

Intenseye is a category leader!

We consistently receive positive feedback from our customers, earning us multiple G2 badges that showcase the quality of the service we provide. Join the growing number of satisfied customers who rely on intenseye to enhance workplace safety!

Ergonomics AI

Fatigue and distraction quickly alter the ability and focus on manual lifting. Using advanced 3d body pose estimation algorithms, Intenseye captures ergonomics deviations, allowing intervention to prevent acute and chronic injuries.

Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA)

Identify and adjust risky full-body movements and postures with REBA-based analysis to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Rapid Upper Extremity Assessment (RULA)

Minimize the risk of arm and shoulder injuries with RULA-based analysis by quickly pinpointing risky upper limb positions.

Intenseye integrates with IoT devices, access systems, and both on-site and external APIs/Web Services to consolidate production data. Using advanced AI and computer vision, we help elevate overall safety in your facility.

Industrial integrations

API / Web Service notifications

Intenseye delivers real-time notifications to your automation APIs, initiating unmanned on-site actions to mitigate EHS risks.

IoT sensor integrations

Intenseye analyzes data from your IoT sensors with computer vision, crafting custom EHS use-cases and detecting noncompliance.

LOTO analysis

Intenseye integrates with smart lock systems to prevent tailgating or bypassing into restricted zones, and verify facility personnel apply LOTO.

Management System Integrations

Intenseye integrates with your compliance systems, exchanging data to offer a comprehensive EHS management powered by our high accuracy AI models.

EHS Platform
Timely notification is essential in preventing incidents and injuries. Intenseye is scaleable and provides immediate notification to the at-risk individual as well as the supervisor or EHS professional.
Compliance assurance is a daunting task for safety professionals that are already stretched thin. Intenseye ensures workers remain aligned with company and regulatory requirements, saving safety professionals valuable time and resources.
Visual Analytics
Streamlined data compiled in a dashboard presents a holistic overview of safety performance, allowing EHS professionals and leaders to direct their focus where it is most critical and time-sensitive.
Task Management
Eliminating unsafe behaviors requires not only identification but also implementation of risk reduction activities. The task manager allows tracking of corrective actions from creation to completion and delivers metrics connected to action effectiveness.
KPI Tracking
Prevention of injuries requires a focus on leading indicators. Tracking metrics such as PPE use, housekeeping, and behavioral-based safety generates quantitative indicators that can be acted upon to improve safety.
AI Accuracy
High accuracy rates with the dedicated Intenseye team working with each facility.
Dedicated pages and analytics for camera connectivity to easily manage and troubleshoot.
Multiple deployment options for maximum safety!


Intenseye runs on the cloud and integrates with your cameras in hours. When it is compared to on-premise solutions, it takes only weeks for Intenseye to go live a large-scale, global roll-out.

On Premise

Intenseye can deploy its AI stack into your organization’s on-premise GPU servers. We call it hybrid on-premise deployment, where your data is analyzed within the facility while the output of the AI is still served on Intenseye’s cloud-hosted web dashboard.

Industry Solutions

Safety Hazards


Muhtar Kent

Muhtar Kent

Former Chairman and CEO, Cola Cola Company

“Intenseye’s commitment to disrupting traditional approaches, along with their holistic safety management approach has the potential to save lives and redefine global safety standards.”

Vasilii Gusko

Vasilii Gusko

Director, Supply Chain Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong

“Within just six months of implementing Intenseye, we’ve seen great improvements in our operational efficiency and safety culture. We intend to extend AI technology to more facilities and further develop the project.”

Akihiko Saso

Akihiko Saso

Executive Officer Senior General Manager, Takasago Plant Suntory Products Limited

“We greatly benefit from Intenseye’s user-friendly dashboard where we can manage various unsafe conditions — a task proven to be challenging for us manually. Highly recommended!”

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

President, Business Operations, Coats

“With Intenseye, we’ve globally introduced innovative technology to enhance employee safety and well-being. Intenseye has been excellent at addressing our needs and listening to our feedback for future developments.”

Deniz Karakaş

Deniz Karakaş

General Manager, TISK MCV

“As TİSK & TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation, we’re proud to cooperate with Intenseye. We value Intenseye’s cutting-edge technology, reliability, and easy-to-use platform in our journey to zero incidents. Together, we aim to create a nationwide awareness of workplace health and safety.”

Faruk Sarıbuğa

Faruk Sarıbuğa

EHS Supervisor, Arçelik Group

“We integrated Intenseye into our manufacturing processes for automatic shutdowns during unsafe conditions. This innovation drastically elevated our on-site safety. Intenseye is an invaluable safety partner for us.”

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