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Enhancing global EHS management through leading indicators

July 8, 2024
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While today’s tech landscape is evolving faster than ever, I think innovation goes beyond simply developing new product features or even new products. The key to meaningful innovation lies in truly understanding the needs and challenges of the users and crafting solutions that truly resonate with them.

As the Intenseye Product team, our approach is deeply rooted in direct engagement with the people who use our EHS management platform every day. To capture their valuable insights, we conduct site visits, hold user interviews, and facilitate feedback sessions as often as we can.

Measuring health and safety performance on a global scale

During one such engagement at a large manufacturing facility, we identified a crucial challenge: the lack of a quantifiable, proactive safety metric that is applicable across the entire organization. We quickly realized that this challenge wasn't isolated to that one customer. Rather, it's now exceedingly common among safety managers and operations leaders at manufacturers and other enterprises in industries like metals, textile, automotive — each needing a unified approach to measure safety that scales with global operations.

Findings from the recent Global EHS Maturity report by EY shed additional light on the true scope of this challenge, noting that only 43% of mature EHS functions report comprehensive performance data company-wide, and no single metric is consistently used across these companies. Such inconsistencies can obscure true safety performance and complicate the workplace safety management at a strategic level.

These conditions are what motivated us to develop Intenseye's new Leading Indicators module, which includes new safety metrics and a Global View feature that deliver actionable visibility into safety performance enterprise-wide.

Quantifying safety performance with the Safety score

A core component of the Leading indicators module is the safety score. We designed this proactive and quantifiable safety metric to provide a clear snapshot of safety performance across facilities. Unlike traditional metrics such as Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) or Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR), which only provide insights after incidents have occurred, the safety score is derived from real-time data, offering an up-to-the-minute reflection of safety conditions.

Featured prominently on our Safety score card, the score ranges from 0 to 100, where lower scores indicate higher risks and higher scores reflect safer conditions. This card visualizes the distribution of safety scores across different locations and scenarios, highlighting critical areas that require immediate attention and action.

By tracking this proactive metric, safety teams can:

Conduct detailed, localized safety analyses within specific areas of a facility, allowing them to pinpointing zones where safety protocols may be underperforming.

Effectively prioritize safety interventions, ensuring that efforts are concentrated where they are most needed, optimizing workplace safety and efficiency.

Transformative global oversight with Global view

Building on the foundation provided by the Safety score, the Global view feature transforms how safety is managed across multiple locations. It integrates safety scores from all facilities into a cohesive dashboard, enabling corporate EHS and operations leaders to:

Monitor global safety metrics in real-time, providing a comprehensive overview of safety performance across the company’s entire operational footprint.

Strategically allocate resources by directing them towards higher-risk facilities, thereby enhancing overall safety standards and compliance.

We couldn't be more grateful to our early adopters of the Global view — whose feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. According to one safety leader from a prominent multinational corporation in the logistics sector:

"The Global view feature is amazing because it aligns with our strategy across regions, enhancing ownership and visibility right down to specific operational details."

Reflecting on our journey and looking forward

The journey to develop the Leading Indicators module has been a transformative experience for our team and much-needed change for the EHS industry. From closely and frequently engaging with our users to being precise and meticulous in developing new safety metrics, every step has been driven by our commitment to making workplace safety both measurable and manageable at a global scale.

As we continue to refine and enhance these features, feedback from our users will always remain integral to our approach. It is their insights that shape our roadmap and help us to continually innovate in ways that make meaningful differences in their daily operations.

Looking ahead, we are excited to further our mission of transforming workplace safety with technology, ensuring that every facility, regardless of location, operates under the highest safety standards. Our Leading Indicators module is just the beginning, and we are eager to see how it continues to elevate workplace safety management to new heights and ultimately fosters safer working environments worldwide.