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A day in the life of an EHS Supervisor with Intenseye mobile app

June 6, 2024
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Safety teams face daily challenges in industrial settings. They struggle to promptly identify and respond to hazards due to insufficient team members or resources, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Coordinating emergency responses, assigning corrective tasks, and sharing critical safety updates in real-time can cause delays, inviting even more serious risks.

Now, we are introducing Intenseye’s new mobile EHS application. Our platform’s AI-powered capabilities now extend to mobile devices, boosting operational efficiency and safety responsiveness for customers – particularly those who spend much of their workday on the plant, warehouse, or factory floor.

Empowering EHS teams with agility

Previously, we explored a day in the life of Mark, a fictional safety manager in an organization that had implemented digital transformation in their safety operations by adopting Safety AI software.

Let’s now explore a day in the life of Linda Wilson, an EHS supervisor at a manufacturing firm, to see how Intenseye’s mobile EHS app helps her take immediate action against hazards detected with AI, conduct inspections, and enhance communication with her manager & team on-the-go.

Morning routine: real-time notifications

Linda starts her day by reviewing the near-misses from the night shift, captured by Intenseye’s AI on her mobile. Today, she discovers that Intenseye’s computer vision AI has flagged a critical safety hazard: improperly placed equipment violating the boundaries of designated safety zones in the warehouse. Recognizing the potential danger, Linda bookmarks this alert in the app for her manager's review, ensuring it is prioritized for immediate action.

Mid-morning: task management and assignment

After Linda bookmarks the alert, her manager quickly reviews the flagged hazard and realizes the urgency. Using the Intenseye mobile EHS app, Linda’s manager creates a corrective task specifically addressing the misplaced equipment and assigns it to Linda and her team. Within minutes, Linda receives a notification about the new task. She begins the process of correcting the hazard with her team, ensuring everything is handled efficiently and according to safety regulations. This process ensures that each task is promptly addressed and eliminates the errors and delays often associated with manual task management.

Lunchtime: on-site incident reporting and documentation

During a routine walk-through, Linda uses her mobile device to document a safety observation—a tripping hazard in a high-traffic area. She photographs the hazard, tags the location, and files a report, all within minutes using Intenseye’s mobile EHS app. This immediate documentation helps ensure compliance and logs the corrective action.

Afternoon: performing safety inspections and audits

In the afternoon, it’s time for scheduled inspections and audits. Using the app’s mobile-optimized templates, Linda conducts thorough reviews, documents her findings, takes photos, and uploads them from her mobile phone directly to the system, ensuring all safety issues are accurately recorded and promptly addressed. “This is definitely much faster than conducting an inspection manually,” she thinks.

End of day: review and collaborate

As her workday nears its end, Linda reviews the tasks completed and the incidents reported throughout the day using the Intenseye mobile app. She uses the app’s toolbox talk feature to share notes and updates with her team and manager, ensuring all stakeholders are informed and any necessary follow-up actions can be planned efficiently. Linda’s proactive updates foster a culture of continuous improvement and safety awareness within her team. At 5 PM, Emma reviews the day’s safety performance on the app. With everything in order, Emma concludes her day, confident in the enhanced safety standards facilitated by Intenseye’s mobile EHS app.

With a day powered by Intenseye’s mobile EHS app, what was once a reactive process fraught with delays and errors is now a proactive, streamlined safety management operation. Intenseye’s AI-powered EHS management software has been pivotal in helping safety professionals address these challenges across more than 25 countries. Now, safety teams can receive real-time notifications and manage safety operations directly from their mobile devices, allowing them to take immediate action against detected hazards, conduct inspections on-the-go, and further optimize their safety operations from the floor, their offices, or anywhere.

Ready to see how Intenseye’s mobile EHS app can transform your safety operations?  Contact us today for a demo and start leading the way in proactive workplace safety management.