How does Intenseye work?
What is the state of privacy with Intenseye?


Which industries do you provide service with?
What types of workplace safety hazards can you prevent with your software?


What kinds of EHS scenarios can be set up as a rule on your platform?
How can we activate EHS scenarios?
Can new EHS scenarios be added to the platform?
How does the system send an alert when an unsafe situation is observed?
Apart from the EHS rules, what other features are offered by the platform?
How is the Compliance score calculated?
How can we raise compliance score?
How can we increase EHS awareness by involving technology?
Can we follow the corrective/preventive actions taken at our facilities?
How possible is it for the system to make an error and keep the manager busy in vain?
How can we share unsafe act/condition notifications with our colleagues?
Are there any operator costs charged for the SMS service offered by Intenseye?

Data privacy

What is the state of privacy with intenseye?
What are some of your compliance certifications for data privacy?
How secure is it to monitor workers 24 / 7 for their personal privacy?
Can the workers who engage in unsafe acts and conditions be identified upon request?
Can the face blurring feature be removed from the platform?
Although the installation is done on existing cameras in facilities, is it necessary to get additional consent from the workers?
How and for how long is the collected data retained?
Is the data retained in your or the company's server?

Installation & integration

What are the deployment options?
Which camera brands are compatible with Intenseye?
How can I integrate our software into Intenseye?
How do smart devices help?
How can smart devices be integrated?
Can your software analyze all the areas that cameras are recording?
Can the number of cameras be increased or decreased while the system is working?
How can we realize disconnected cameras and how to fix it?

Customer onboarding & support

How often do you get together with the EHS teams of the facilities?
How can we get support when we have a problem on the platform or want to learn how to use a feature?
In which languages do you provide support?

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

What is accident prevention?
What is the first step in accident prevention program?
How artificial intelligence covers area control safety risks
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What is the asbestos management plan?
How can you ensure optimal baghouse maintenance?
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What type of hazard is a blocked exit?
What is the difference between corrective action and preventive action?
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