Real-time EHS leading indicators for automotive and EV manufacturers

Are your machine operators being harmed by unsafe assembly processes? Save lives by focusing on leading indicators through Intenseye’s safety AI.

The most common safety hazards

Caught Between Moving Parts of Machinery

Protect workers on two fronts by preventing unauthorized access to machine areas as well as preventing authorized workers from hazards created during machine operations.

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Ergonomics Manual Lifting

Fatigue and distraction quickly alter the ability and focus on manual lifting. Using real-time analysis, intenseye captures ergonomics deviations, allowing intervention to prevent acute and chronic injuries.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

Falling on a slippery surface or an obstructed path isn’t just incredibly common; it’s incredibly avoidable. Poor housekeeping can lead to unsafe working conditions, recordable injuries, and unnecessary process downtime. As one of the most frequently reported injury mechanisms, it is not only imperative to identify these hazardous conditions, but it is just as imperative to notify the right people to rectify the situation and prevent worker injury.

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Electrical Hazards

A cardinal rule of electrical safety is to keep unauthorized personnel away from high voltage. Not only will intenseye alert for unauthorized personnel, but it will also send alerts for qualified personnel without PPE.

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Up to 70% of injuries to the hands could be avoided by wearing the right gloves for the right job. Verify PPE compliance to prevent exposure to cutting, crushing, or contact hazards.

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Hearing Muff

24% of hearing difficulty in workers in the US is caused by occupational exposure. Implement a real-time solution to long-term hearing impairment.

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Main reasons behind the high incident rates in the automotive industry

The automotive and EV manufacturing industry is grappling with the increasing demands over the past 3-5 years. Unfortunately, the workplace injuries remain to be high due mainly to the following reasons:

Man-Machine Interaction

Advanced automation technologies, which can boost the efficiency of manufacturing and other processes, are leading to increased interactions between man-machine or man-robotics interactions within congested workspaces.

High Turnover

The turnover of non-permanent contract workers in the manufacturing industry has been increasing steadily over the past decade, leading to the attrition rate of 40% for USA manufacturing industry in 2021.

Leading vs. Lagging Indicators

The lack of risk awareness of the workers at the frontline and the poor reporting culture is causing the EHS teams to focus more on lagging indicators instead of leading indicators.

How Intenseye works

A fully-built software platform integrates with over 200 camera make and models seamlessly. Select & scale your use cases & camera counts on the cloud, instantly.


In-house built client software integrates with existing camera systems within minutes. Our platform can be fully deployed hybrid/on-premise and sync our cloud AI models to deliver continuous improvements.


Select from 40+ ready-to-go EHS rules to easily customize and prioritize for each facility/camera in our user friendly dashboard. This process can be done by our users or Intenseye customer success team.

Diagnose & Act

Instant dashboard, email, SMS and real-time facility smart device notifications with alert snapshot and summary. Intenseye has built-in APIs to integrate other BI services or automate machine interactions.

Out-of-the-box AI models for the automotive and EV industry

No hardware, no sensor, no installation.

EHS Platform
Timely notification is essential in preventing incidents and injuries. Intenseye is scaleable and provides immediate notification to the at-risk individuals as well as the supervisors or EHS professional.
Compliance assurance is a daunting task for safety professionals that are already stretched thin. Intenseye ensures that workers remain aligned with company and regulatory requirements, saving safety professionals valuable time and resources.
Visual Analytics
Streamlined data compiled in a dashboard presents a holistic overview of safety performance, allowing EHS professionals and leaders to direct their focus where it is most critical and time-sensitive.
Task Management
Eliminating unsafe behaviors requires not only identification but also implementation of risk reduction activities. The task manager allows tracking of corrective actions from creation to completion and delivers metrics connected to action effectiveness.
KPI Tracking
Prevention of injuries requires a focus on leading indicators. Tracking metrics such as PPE use, housekeeping, and behavioral-based safety generates quantitative indicators that can be acted upon to improve safety.
AI Accuracy
High accuracy rates with the dedicated Intenseye team working with each facility.
Dedicated pages and analytics for camera connectivity to easily manage and troubleshoot.

EHS Expertise

Our customer success team is comprised of individuals with EHS experience, ready to assist you in tackling your journey to zero.

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Gabrielle Connoly

Integrating computer vision and AI into EH&S practices will truly help bring our profession to the next level. The data sets provided by Intenseye open up so many opportunities for effective action planning and improving your workplace

Customer Success Manager
02 /

Evren Şener

Creating a strong reporting culture that yields high-quality data is a continuous challenge in our field. Recording, analyzing, and communicating trends occupies precious hours of the day. There are often inefficiencies due to the qualitative nature and the limited reporting of unsafe acts/conditions. Using artificial intelligence through existing cameras, intenseye creates a continuous flow of high-quality data, real-time analytics, and an instant feedback loop with all users. Digitizing all these processes can save a huge amount of resources to focus on strategic decisions, provide effective controls, and plan robust corrective actions.

Director of Customer Success, EMEA
03 /

David Lemon

We all like to think we are unpredictable, but in reality, human behavior follows patterns, and is predictable with the right tracking tool. All injuries have leading indicators, measurable signs that can highlight the likelihood of an injury. They are not tracked with human based tracking tools like near miss reporting and behavioral observation programs. Intenseye’s A.I model applies computer vision to see and track the indicators the human eye cannot.

Customer Success Manager

Your privacy is as crucial as your safety

Intenseye does not capture personally identifiable information from the visual data that we process. We exist to scale worker safety and protect their privacy.

Instructional Videos

Intenseye presents its users automated onboarding sessions with cutting-edge AI-powered virtual trainers in different languages, to remove the language barrier for the EHS leaders all around the world.

Intenseye’s accomplishments are impressive particularly in revolutionizing workplace safety. Their commitment to disrupting traditional approaches and their holistic safety management approach has the potential to save lives and redefine global safety standards.

Prioritizing employee safety, Swire Coca-Cola HK (SCCHK) is the first bottler within the Coca-Cola system to implement Intenseye technology. This early adoption has notably improved our safety practices within the first six months of implementation. Intenseye’s AI-powered technology has helped us see the unseen hazards, improved compliance, and helped enhance our safety culture. We intend to extend Intenseye technology to more facilities and further develop the project.

We are utilizing Intenseye to take our safety measures at production sites to the next level. We were impressed by Intenseye’s ability to identify a wide range of worker behaviors. We also highly value its user-friendly dashboard where we configure and check our particular safety risks. Intenseye team’s collaborative support for putting new detection models in place is also notable. This is something that was proved very difficult for us to do manually. It has been a game changer for us, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Health and Safety is our number one priority at Coats. It’s been great to partner with Intenseye who shares this priority and who worked with us collaboratively to roll out this innovative technology globally to help us enhance the safety of our employees. Intenseye has been excellent at addressing our needs and finding solutions together as well as listening to our feedback for future developments.

As TİSK & TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation, we’re proud to cooperate with Intenseye to enhance the culture of occupational health and safety in hundreds of facilities from different industries across Turkey. We value their cutting-edge technology, reliability, and easy-to-use platform during our journey to zero incidents. Together, we aim to create a nationwide awareness of workplace health and safety.

When we initiated the project with Intenseye, we immediately realized its value in identifying hazards and monitoring compliance at various levels. We then integrated Intenseye technology into our manufacturing processes, allowing automatic shutdowns during unsafe acts or unauthorized entries. This significantly enhanced our on-site health and safety management, earning recognition from the Arçelik management and employees. We view Intenseye as an invaluable partner for safety.



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