AI powered Smart Devices

With the launch of smart devices, computer vision is uniquely brought to life. When unsafe acts and conditions are detected, visual alarms and audible alerts are triggered in real time.

Smart device Integrations

Intenseye can connect with various smart devices and provide API notification integration to trigger existing smart speakers in your facility. For example, when a forklift driver begins driving above your defined speed limit; an automated audio warning is triggered to help the worker correct their unsafe action.

Smart Plugs

Intenseye can integrate with smart plugs, to strengthen your alert system. For example, You can turn on an indicator light when two forklifts are approaching each other from a blind corner.

Network Speakers

Intenseye can connect to network speakers to trigger customized audio messages, to help correct unsafe behaviors in real-time. For example, if a pedestrian is walking under a suspended load, an audio message will notify them of the immediate danger.

API Notifications

Intenseye can send real-time API notifications to your established engineering control systems. For example, this integration can notify Intenseye if a machine is safe to enter, based on its current operating status. If the area is determined to be unsafe, an alert will be triggered. The triggered alert can also be sent as a notification to the web service or API running on the facility. To enable this API / Web Service integration, custom development is needed and network policies must be applied. It is not a ready-to-use feature.

Value Proposition

Investing in health and safety is vital to generating a long-term committed workforce. While most think of safety as injury and accident prevention, the truth is that it goes much deeper to the core of the business. Concise and consistent safety improvement through injury prevention not only benefits your workers but also the overall productivity, profitability, and efficiency of your business.

Time savings for Safety Personnel

Intenseye implementation becomes a force multiplier for safety professionals by accurately gathering data and compiling it into a useable dashboard.

Reduction in Injuries

Injury reduction happens proactively, by addressing the near misses before they turn into incidents. Intenseye’s real-time alerts allow for immediate worker notification and intervention.

Focused Targeting of Safety Improvement Areas

Collecting data is imperative to improving safety, but is often misinterpreted and applied. Intenseye collected data allows for targeted safety initiatives in the areas that matter most.

Increased Business Uptime

A safe workforce is a productive workforce. Eliminating unsafe acts and conditions ensures employees are fit for duty and will effectively execute business operations.

Safety Hazards
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