Shifting from lagging to leading indicator data

Deniz Şenliler
Deniz Şenliler
-Mar 10, 2023

Employee health and safety management must be both effective and efficient allowing for quick response time and proactive measures to prevent incidents. One solution to this has gained traction in recent years in EHS as in other industries: Artificial Intelligence.

From reactive to proactive: How AI is transforming workplace safety

Integration of AI into safety management can provide real-time analysis of workplaces 24/7, detecting everything that human eyes might miss or overlook. AI systems with computer vision and machine learning capabilities can constantly analyze workplace environments, equipment, and behaviors to identify unsafe conditions or practices. When hazards are identified, AI systems can alert EHS teams and frontline supervisors in real-time so the issues can be addressed promptly. Continuous, prudent analysis powered by AI generates data that can be analyzed to identify the root causes of unsafe workplace situations.

This data can then be used to develop a reliable reporting system for unsafe act & conditions, making EHS teams to understand the trends and areas for improvement with real-time analytics. Also, AI allows them to take actions and being able to track the impact of the actions by the AI generated data, ultimately reducing the unsafe act & conditions which helps to reduce the incidents at the workplace.

In contrast to traditional lagging indicators, which rely on prior data to identify safety risks after incidents occur, AI-driven leading indicators provide real-time insight into potential EHS risks. This shift from reactive to proactive safety management not only reduces the risk of incidents and injuries but also helps to foster a more robust safety culture within the workplace. By harnessing the power of AI, supervisors and management can gain a more comprehensive understanding of potential safety risks and take proactive measures to mitigate those risks, ultimately creating a safer work environment for all employees.

Democratizing EHS data with AI-powered safety management

Conventional EHS management faces several critical issues:

  • the lack of adequate EHS leading indicators,
  • difficulties in collecting leading indicator data,
  • measuring the effectiveness of the data,
  • and ineffective engagement with the workforce.

Most health and safety teams rely on manual collection methods, leading to biased results. However, Intenseye leverages AI to automate the collection and analysis of leading indicators, effectively eliminating bias. Additionally, Intenseye’s team of customer success managers tracks and measures the effectiveness of these data, providing reliable insights and actionable recommendations. By focusing on leading indicators, rather than lagging ones like LTIF or TRCF, Intenseye shifts the focus to future performance, addressing the shortcomings of conventional EHS management. Moreover, Intenseye ensures effective engagement with the workforce by setting leading indicators that are not just for management and supervision but involve the workforce as well.

With Intenseye, EHS teams can:

  • Keep track of EHS compliance,
  • Better analyze root causes with real-time visual and numerical analysis,
  • Conduct more focused audits and inspections with area/category/time-specific insights,
  • Measure the effectiveness of the corrective actions,
  • Enhance training materials with real-time notifications (images and videos) from the workplace,
  • Engage other disciplines for EHS management.

Intenseye’s AI platform is also designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all EHS teams, frontline supervisors and management, allowing for greater participation and engagement in the EHS program. This democratization of EHS data helps foster a culture of safety and accountability, with all employees working together to prevent incidents.

By using existing cameras within facilities, analyze your workplaces 24/7, identify the hazards -even the unseen ones – receive real-time unsafe act & condition notifications, analyze the trends, and compliance, and measure the impact with reliable and high-quality EHS data! To learn more, schedule a demo with the Intenseye team.

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