How to Reduce the IP Camera Bandwidth Usage

Sercan Esen
Sercan Esen
-Jan 19, 2022

Wireless IP cameras and wired security cameras may slow down your network a bit, but the impact on your bandwidth is not that as much as you may think. While assessing internet speed slow down effect, most important thing to consider is accessing the cameras via phone, PC or other application is to stream configurations.

There are several ways to decrease bandwidth usage drastically just by changing few important features of your camera stream settings. Moreover, technology is always advancing, which means that IP cameras are becoming more adaptable, and therefore having less of an impact on internet connection speed. For instance, the H.264 cameras compress the recording less to a smaller size.

Bandwidth Consumption Factors

  • Compression codecs: Codecs have major effect on your IP camera data usage. H.264 and MJPEG/MJPEG- 4 are the two most popular compression standards in the video surveillance industry.
  • Camera resolution: A camera with a higher resolution will consume more bandwidth. Therefore this will result in slow down your network.
  • FPS (frame per second): The frame rate determines the quality of the video footage. The more FPS, the better videos. The frame rate also has an influence on the data usage of your camera stream.

IP Camera Bandwidth Example

Below you can see the example configuration for a facility with 50 cameras. We can consider streaming with 1,2MP resolution and 3 FPS where we do not need a lot of worker tracking. This configuration is the minimum requirement for our system to provide high level accuracy.

In this configuration version, Intenseye can capture ~2MP video footage with 5 FPS to make sure tracking with high accuracy. In this version with 50 cameras bandwidth requirement is around ~23 Mbps for our platform to work without interruption.

As you can see, camera bandwidth usage in your facility is enormously affected by the configuration that you can change as you wish. In order to achieve high level of accuracy in real-life use cases Intenseye can adapt and analyze any type of stream type and configuration.

Sercan Esen

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