AI improving workplace safety, mitigating manufacturing risks

Sercan Esen
Sercan Esen
-Jan 19, 2022

We are often asked how we came up with the idea of Intenseye. It was not long ago that we were trying to understand the challenges manufacturers face every day. While my co-founder was researching and developing the first version of Intenseye video processing engine, I visited 50+ industrial facilities to meet different teams and brainstorm on their challenges. Imagine a Fortune 500 enterprise production facility with cutting-edge automated robots, drones flying around for quality inspections, lasers cutting through any kind of material with unimaginable precision… You might think there is not much to improve, right?

And then, we met with health and safety teams. The atmosphere changed instantly! Thousands of workers, at-risk behaviors all around the work floor, a pile of paperwork to manage compliance procedures, limited data to understand unsafe acts… EHS teams were generally assigned as responsible for all these workflows, and they are just a few people trying to solve all these every day. That was it! Since then, connecting existing cameras to automate their inspection procedures and creating real-time alerting systems to save lives and mitigate risks was our #1 priority as Intenseye.

But, what are the benefits of our system for the manufacturers ( apart from saving lives! )? Manufacturers face many various indirect losses. Here are some of them :

  • Increase in premiums : Workers’ comp premium calculations involve manufacturers experience modification rate (MOD) whic is based on the number of OSHA filings your business has made. If their MOD increases, premiums will likely increase—especially if it rises above the industry average.
  • Absence time / Loss in productivity – They may lose productivity related to work rescheduling, and absence time for injured employees.
  • Cost of damages – Facilities may have to pay for repair, and replacement costs of damaged machinery and property.
  • Association fees – Enterprises may have to pay OSHA fines and any associated legal action fee.
  • Loss of goodwill – Your business may suffer from a loss of goodwill from customers and potential customers if the incident was publicized.

By unveiling the risk from the workplace with the power of real-time video analytics, Intenseye provides an accurate and reliable EHS data source. Our users access all their facility EHS data, including compliance score, alert/unsafe act counts, at-risk behavior frequency heatmaps, and more instantly. They assign tasks, set target KPIs to achieve 100% compliance for all the locations.

Sure, but how do we do that? Here are some of our key features unlocking the true potential of the EHS control room powered by artificial intelligence.

  • 30+ Ready to Use EHS modules: Ready to use EHS artificial intelligence models to solve most common problems including PPE Detection, Area Controls, Housekeeping, Behavior Recognition, Vehicle Controls, Pandemic Control Measures
  • Easy and fast deployment: Intenseye connects existing cameras within minutes. Our drag & drop easy to use web dashboard allows EHS teams to setup and prioritize their risks easily.
  • Automated inspections: 24/7 automated AI-powered inspections turns existing cameras into resourceful EHS supervisors.
  • Real-time compliance tracking: Intenseye’s AI detects compliant behaviors to track real-time compliance score for all use cases and locations.
  • Real-time alert notifications: Our platform can create real-time alert notifications with SMS, Email, smart devices and speaker integrations to notify EHS teams and workers.

Now, we have facilities worldwide using Intenseye in their day-to-day EHS operations to improve workplace safety. Only in 2020, we sent over 140 thousand unsafe act notifications to prevent accidents as well as the spread of COVID-19 with the help of our pandemic control measure AI modules such as social distancing and face mask detections.

At Intenseye, we believe that the health and safety of workers are non-negotiable. We were lucky to work with EHS teams that share the same mission and vision to protect workers and improve EHS culture around the world.

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