Celebrating Intenseye’s recognition as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

Sercan Esen
Sercan Esen
-Jun 21, 2023

I have the distinct honor of announcing that Intenseye has achieved an exceptional milestone.
We have been recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the esteemed World Economic Forum,
positioning us among a select group of pioneering companies driving impactful technological

Our mission has always been clear: To disrupt the traditional approach to workplace safety by
empowering safety teams with real-time, data-driven insights. Driven by this mission, Intenseye
platform has become the trusted AI-powered partner of safety teams worldwide, seamlessly
integrating into their daily operations and facilitating their work in unprecedented ways.
Together, we are redefining safety management, setting new industry standards, and creating a
safer future for employees across all sectors.

In this transformative journey, being acknowledged as a World Economic Forum Technology
Pioneer serves as a validation of our mission, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to the
World Economic Forum for recognizing our efforts. This esteemed community brings together
some of the brightest minds, influential leaders and visionary investors all around the world,
providing us with unparalleled opportunities to collaborate, learn and drive meaningful change in
the area of workplace safety and beyond.

As we celebrate this achievement, let us not forget that this is just the beginning. Our journey
continues, and I invite you all to join us in shaping the future of workplace safety. Together, let
us redefine what it means to create a safer, more efficient world.

#Journey to Zero
#World Economic Forum
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