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Call to action: A new era for workplace safety

February 27, 2024

Today, I bring you news of our latest fundraising round. But this isn't just another funding update. It's a challenge to the traditional views on workplace safety and a declaration of our commitment to change the landscape.

We've raised $64M in our Series B funding round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Our existing investors, Insight Partners, Point Nine Capital and AirStreet Capital who have been with us on this journey, continue to express their confidence in us by participating in this round. Their unwavering belief in our mission is a testament to the impact we're making and the potential for even greater change.

Challenging the status quo

In today's world, we are increasingly conscious about the social impact of our purchases. We ask if our products are cruelty-free, if they're eco-friendly, if they're ethically sourced. But how often do we ask: Are the people who made this product safe at their workplace?

Workplace accidents claim nearly 3 million lives every year. That's 4% of global deaths, and yet, we call them 'accidents.' These are not accidents, but the repercussions of outdated safety measures and a lack of real-time, proactive solutions. This is the harsh reality we are challenging at Intenseye.

For far too long, the safety of people has relied on culture or pen-and-paper processes. This is akin to expecting a plane to stay in the air based on the safety culture of the crew, ignoring the systems, data, and real-time tracking that actually keep it aloft. Recognizing this, we created Intenseye, arming safety teams with the tools they need to protect thousands of people in their facilities, even with limited resources.

The future of workplace safety

Reflecting on the past year, it's clear that Intenseye's mission to transform workplace safety with AI has resonated globally. With our platform detecting an impressive 36 million unsafe acts and conditions across 25 countries, turning them into actionable insights for safety teams, we've made significant strides in our journey. We've expanded our footprint by 125%, a testament to our unique approach and the critical need for change in this space.

We've had the privilege of forging partnerships with industry-leading insurers, prominent cloud and EHS technology vendors, and a host of respected software and hardware providers. These collaborations underscore the universal importance of our mission.

Our reach has grown exponentially, now encompassing hundreds of sites across more than 30 industries in over 25 countries. But it’s not just about the breadth of our reach, it’s about the lives we're touching - over 100,000 workers worldwide now operate in safer environments due to our efforts.

Now, we're ready to show the world how a shift from lagging to real-time leading indicators in workplace safety can revolutionize the industry and save millions of lives worldwide. With this mission in mind, we've raised our Series B funding round with the world's best investors backing us once again.

We plan to use these funds to bring the power of large language models to safety teams, further our commitment to ethical AI by ensuring our technology fosters psychological safety for frontline teams, and continue earning the trust of the industry's best safety teams.

We are not just aiming for incremental improvements, but a complete disruption of the status quo. Our vision is to create a world where workplace safety is not an afterthought but a fundamental part of every organization's ethos. This transformation will not happen overnight, but we are committed to making it a reality, one facility, one location at a time.

Unmatched conviction

During the fundraising process, Alex Kayyal and his team at Lightspeed Venture Partners showed an unmatched conviction in our mission. They rallied behind our vision, understanding the critical need for a paradigm shift in workplace safety. Their support has given us the acceleration to drive our mission further and faster.

But today's announcement isn't just about the funding. It's about what we aim to do with it. It's about our relentless pursuit to save lives by transforming workplace safety. It's about challenging the status quo and refusing to accept that 3 million lives lost to workplace accidents every year is normal. 

A thank you and a challenge

We're excited to embark on this journey and extend our deepest gratitude to our investors and partners for their unwavering support. The road ahead is challenging but, with our grit, innovation, and dedication to excellence, we are confident in our ability to lead this transformative shift in workplace safety.

To those who have joined our journey to zero, we say thank you. To those still on the fence, we challenge you to join us. Together, let's make the world a safer place.

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