Intenseye raises $4M to scale its AI-powered employee health and safety platform globally

  • Intenseye is an AI-powered employee health and safety (EHS) software platform that helps the world’s largest enterprises to keep their employees safe from accidents at work.
  • Using computer vision and connected cameras, Intenseye empowers EHS teams to operationalize health and safety best practices across their facilities. By monitoring video feeds from facilities 24/7, Intenseye identifies health and safety violations in real-time, enabling rapid remediation and consistently safer work environments as a result.
  • Intenseye is announcing that its product is deployed across 30 cities around the world for leading global industrial groups and Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • To accelerate growth in service of its customers, Intenseye is announcing a $4M Seed investment co-led by Point Nine and Air Street Capital, alongside angel investors from Twitter Cortex, Fastly, and Even Financial.

New York and Istanbul, 11 February 2021, Intenseye, the AI-powered employee health and safety (EHS) company, announced the close of a $4M Seed round co-led by Point Nine and Air Street Capital. Successful entrepreneurs joined the round as angel investors, including Zehan Wang (Magic Pony, acq. Twitter), Zane Lackey (Signal Sciences, acq. Fastly), and Cem Kent (Even Financial).

Led by co-founders Sercan Esen (CEO) and Serhat Cillidag (CTO), Intenseye’s software platform helps leading enterprises to drastically reduce the human and economic cost of workplace injuries. Today, every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job, costing the industry $250 billion per year.

Intenseye also announced the rapid deployment of its software by large enterprises. Customers integrate Intenseye’s software into the real-time video streams generated by the existing cameras within facilities. Intenseye’s computer vision models have been trained on millions of hours of real-world video, enabling them to process live video streams in the cloud or on-premise to rapidly identify over 30 common unsafe act types while preserving the privacy of employees. EHS teams can further customise these detectors using a simple drag-and-drop user interface. When incidents occur, EHS professionals receive real-time alerts through the platform, email or SMS to help the rapid remediation of issues.

Intenseye’s platform goes beyond monitoring and alerting on the facility floor. EHS teams trust the platform as an all-in-one control room to drive EHS operational excellence. This means using EHS compliance rates across facilities and locations to create performance benchmarks, identify areas for improvement, diagnose problem areas, conduct root cause analysis and solution testing to run safer workplaces.

Nathan Benaich, General Partner at Air Street Capital

"The health and safety of employees is a non-negotiable requirement for the world’s leading industrial enterprises. With facilities being complex and large environments full of busy people and heavy machinery, EHS professionals face a huge challenge in ensuring the everyday safety of employees. Intenseye’s AI-powered EHS platform makes use of real-time video feeds, robust computer vision systems, and tailor-made workflows to offer the only scalable solution that EHS teams can rely on to keep their employees safe 24/7, day in, day out."

Ricardo Sequerra Amram, Partner at Point Nine

"The human and economic cost of workplace injuries around the world is a staggering $250 billion every year. Intenseye’s computer vision technology and software platform empower EHS teams across the world to do their job better and ultimately prevent accidents and save lives. We are beyond excited to back Sercan and Serhat to realise their mission to deliver safe workplaces for industrial workers globally."

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About Intenseye

Intenseye is a New York City and Istanbul-based AI-powered employee health and safety (EHS) software platform that helps the world’s largest enterprises to scale employee health and safety across their facility footprints. Using the latest breakthroughs in computer vision, Intenseye empowers health and safety teams to monitor their facilities 24/7, receive real-time violation notifications, and operationalize their rapid response procedures. Since its founding in 2018, Intenseye’s software is today protecting over 30,000 employees across over 30 cities around the world for leading global industrial groups and Fortune 500 companies.

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