Unleash the power of AI to prevent Serious Injuries and Fatalities in Oil & Gas industry

The O&G industry is one of the most dangerous industries, presenting unique occupational hazards that can put frontline workers at risk. Gain insights through Intenseye's AI-powered technology that provides 24/7 real-time safety notifications, addresses SIFs with 45+ off-the-self, high accuracy EHS use cases, and delivers actionable leading indicators fostering a proactive safety culture.

Core AI

The most common safety hazards

Line of fire

Total elimination of hazards is not always possible, presenting line of fire dangers. Prevent injuries by alerting employees when line of fire situations are present.

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Dynamic delimitation area

Heavy equipment operators face situational and systemic risks. Eliminate these risks and more by setting delimitation areas for people and vehicles.

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Caught Between Moving Parts of Machinery

Protect workers on two fronts by preventing unauthorized access to machine areas as well as preventing authorized workers from hazards created during machine operations.

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Working at Heights

Safely working at heights requires engineering controls, PPE, and high levels of focus by the employee. Intenseye provides an additional level of protection to quickly alert workers of dangerous situations.

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Safe Mechanical Lifting

Mechanical lifting is a common cause of workplace injuries, with risks ranging from dropped or falling loads to struck-by or caught-in-between accidents. By addressing mechanical lifting hazards proactively, organizations can reduce the risk of accidents and promote a culture of workplace safety.

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Chemical Handling

PPE is the last line of defense and often the one relied on the most when handling chemicals. Be it skin, eye, or respiratory protection, intenseye can detect PPE deviations, ensuring that personnel are protected at all times.

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Leakage and spill

Unplanned material discharges create occupational safety and emergency response concerns. Mitigate the impact from these obstacles and ensure positive outcomes.

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Slips, Trips & Falls

Falling on a slippery surface or an obstructed path isn’t just incredibly common; it’s incredibly avoidable. Poor housekeeping can lead to unsafe working conditions, recordable injuries, and unnecessary process downtime. As one of the most frequently reported injury mechanisms, it is not only imperative to identify these hazardous conditions, but it is just as imperative to notify the right people to rectify the situation and prevent worker injury.

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Specific conditions making it a challenge to ensure safety in O&G industry

Safety is a top priority in the O&G industry, but the unique conditions of this sector make it a constant challenge to create safer oil and gas operations. Frontline workers in the industry face extreme weather conditions, hazardous chemicals, heavy machinery and equipment, and a constantly changing environment. Luckily, Intenseye’s AI-powered technology can help organizations mitigate these risks by providing real-time insights and data to inform decision-making and improve safety measures. Don’t let the challenges of the O&G industry stand in the way of workplace safety – let Intenseye help eliminate these hazards and create a safer future.

How Intenseye's AI can save lives and promote a stronger safety culture in the O&G industry

According to the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), the number of fatalities in the industry increased from 14 in 2020 to 20 in 2021, which underscores the urgent need for effective workplace safety measures in the industry. By leveraging Intenseye’s AI-powered technology, O&G organizations can gain real-time insights into potential hazards and proactively mitigate risks to protect their workers in many ways.

Identify the Unseen Hazards

Intenseye’s Al helps EHS leaders see what was previously unseen and provides a better communication of hazards via real-time images, video alerts, analytics and task management tools.

Focus on Leading Indicators

Maintaining a culture of safety requires EHS leaders to track leading indicators that show how incidents. near-misses, and injuries happen. Quantitative insights obtained through Intenseye’s 24/7 analytical data can be tracked to improve safety.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

It is possible to reduce injures experienced in a workplace proactively, by addressing near-misses before they turn to incidents. Intenseye’s analytical data provides EHS teams with the knowledge that enables them to take proactive actions and make informed decisions, thus save lives proactively.

Maintain a Positive Safety Culture

We believe in the potential of AI to improve everyone’s lives. At Intenseye, we’re fully committed to protect individuals’ privacy and use AI responsibly. We help create psychologically safe workplaces where workers are empowered to speak up to fix the systemic issues to maintain a positive safety culture.

Protecting frontline’s privacy with responsible AI

Intenseye is committed to constant evaluation of its dataset and technology to prevent unintended prejudice and discrimination, while putting the well-being and privacy of the frontline first. Our cutting-edge 3D anonymization technique ensures irreversible anonymization of employees while identifying unsafe acts and conditions, prioritizing individual privacy, and never collecting any personal data.

How Intenseye works
Connect: Plug into the existing cameras in your facility within minutes seamlessly.
Configure: Select from 45+ ready-to-go EHS rules to easily customize and prioritize for each facility/camera in our user-friendly dashboard.
Diagnose & Act: Receive instant dashboard, email, SMS and real-time facility smart device notifications with alert snapshot and summary to take corrective actions.

AI-powered Smart Devices

With the launch of smart devices, computer vision is uniquely brought to life. When unsafe acts and conditions are detected, visual alarms and audible alerts are triggered in real time.

Out-of-the-box AI models for O&G industry

No hardware, no sensor, no installation.

Intenseye user nearly eliminated the incidents of the employees being exposed to harmful materials

Where workplace exposure cannot be fully eliminated, restricting the time exposed to a chemical, high heat, or other physical risks can be highly critical. Our Time-restricted Area use case helps measure how long an employee is being exposed, and understand the ways to prevent exposure.

One of the Intenseye users was concerned that they currently had no way to validate the time occupied in one of their time-restricted areas.

The user set the Time-limited Area use case to validate time-limited procedures were being followed. With the help of this use case, they analyzed when and why prolonged exposures were occurring.

The team found that maintenance was bringing tools into the area, on a cart and completing the task from start to finish in the exposure zone. These tasks were then standardized to have a pre-fabrication process outside the restricted area, reducing their time of exposure.

This correlated to nearly eliminating the instances of employees’ prolonged exposure.

EHS Platform
Timely notification is essential in preventing incidents and injuries. Intenseye is scaleable and provides immediate notification to the at-risk individuals as well as the supervisors or EHS professional.
Compliance assurance is a daunting task for safety professionals that are already stretched thin. Intenseye ensures that workers remain aligned with company and regulatory requirements, saving safety professionals valuable time and resources.
Visual Analytics
Streamlined data compiled in a dashboard presents a holistic overview of safety performance, allowing EHS professionals and leaders to direct their focus where it is most critical and time-sensitive.
Task Management
Eliminating unsafe behaviors requires not only identification but also implementation of risk reduction activities. The task manager allows tracking of corrective actions from creation to completion and delivers metrics connected to action effectiveness.
KPI Tracking
Prevention of injuries requires a focus on leading indicators. Tracking metrics such as PPE use, housekeeping, and behavioral-based safety generates quantitative indicators that can be acted upon to improve safety.
AI Accuracy
High accuracy rates with the dedicated Intenseye team working with each facility.
Dedicated pages and analytics for camera connectivity to easily manage and troubleshoot.

Your privacy is as crucial as your safety

Intenseye does not capture personally identifiable information from the visual data that we process. We exist to scale worker safety and protect their privacy.

Instructional Videos

Intenseye presents an automated onboarding session with cutting-edge AI-powered virtual trainers in different languages, to remove the language barrier for the users all around the world.





Vasilii Gusko

Vasilii Gusko

Director, Supply Chain Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong

Swire Coca-Cola HK (SCCHK), a company that prioritizes employee safety, is the first bottler within the Coca-Cola system to implement Intenseye technology. As an early adopter, and through this first year of implementation, we can confidently say that Intenseye has helped us see the unseen to improve workplace safety. Not only we have experienced improvements in the first six months, the results have also more than expected. More weak links have been identified for corrections, compliance has further improved, and the diagnoses have guided us to enhance safety culture. SCCHK will continued to apply the Intenseye technology to its other facilities, as well to extend the project to the next stage.

Akihiko Saso

Akihiko Saso

Executive Officer Senior General Manager, Takasago Plant Suntory Products Limited

We are utilizing Intenseye to take our safety measures at production sites to the next level. We were impressed by Intenseye’s ability to identify wide ranges of workers’ behaviors. And we also value highly its user-friendly dashboard where we configure and check our particular unsafe behaviors. Intenseye team’s collaborative support for putting new detection models in place is also notable. This is something that was proving very difficult to do manually for us. It has been a game changer for us, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Paul Turner

Paul Turner

President, Business Operations, Coats

Health and Safety is our number one priority at Coats. It’s been great to partner with Intenseye who shares this priority and who worked with us collaboratively to roll out this innovative technology globally to help us enhance the safety of our employees. Intenseye has been excellent at addressing our needs and finding solutions together as well as listening to our feedback for future developments.

Deniz Karakaş

Deniz Karakaş

General Manager, TISK MCV

As TİSK & TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation, we’re proud to cooperate with Intenseye to enhance the culture of occupational health and safety in hundreds of facilities from different industries across Turkey. We value their cutting-edge technology, reliability, and easy-to-use platform during our journey to zero incidents. Together, we aim to create a nationwide awareness of workplace health and safety.

Faruk Sarıbuğa

Faruk Sarıbuğa

EHS Supervisor, Arçelik Group

When we started the project with Intenseye, initially we have set the existing use cases and got great value from the platform by being able to see the hazards, unsafe acts & conditions, and our compliance rate per facility, area, and even per shift. After that, we have thought about how to use Intenseye’s technology with our existing manufacturing processes. With the involvement of relevant parties and Intenseye team, we were able to shut down the process line automatically when there is an unsafe act and unauthorized entry detected. That added great value to our health and safety management on-site and using the cutting-edge technology for our employees’ safety was also recognized by the Arcelik management and all our employees. We see Intenseye as a great partner to manage health and safety in our facilities and we believe that we will be coming up with many outstanding solutions with the Intenseye Team.

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